Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Weekend Hike

We went hiking again this weekend. We did the same trail that we did last weekend, but another part of it. We covered a bit over three miles, with several breaks for blueberry picking, water chugging, and goldfish snacking.
Doesn't Scott look like he's posing for senior pictures or something? See that smile on his face? He's in love with his hiking boots.
Bruce and I picked wild blueberries along the trail. They were tiny, so it took almost a half-hour to pick a pint. Also pictured is the belly. I am halfway there: 20 weeks. Bruce insists that we call her "Savannah." I have no clue where he picked up that name and why he likes it so much. Scott is voting for "Charlotte" and I'm still having a brain-freeze with girl names. Baby Whateverhernameis is now big enough that I can feel her kicking around; yea! We went to a work party this weekend to celebrate the web site's launch. Bruce got to sport his awesome Spiderman swim suit and play in a swimming pool, jump on a giant trampoline, and eat potato chips. He slept very well that night.
This is just a random picture from the community beach that we frequent. We go almost every day but I rarely bring along a camera. But here's our one beach picture and it accurately shows how Bruce feels when we are there.


Blogger TheKunks said...

Yummy, fresh blueberries!! You guys are always so adventurous. Someday when we live close, we will totally kick it with ya. :) KT

3:30 PM  
Blogger Strong Clan said...

You look adorable my dear! So darn cute. and to think you are going to have a little runner girl there - can you PLEASE have her do her hair like her mama used to back in the day!? Bruce looks adorable!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Eisha said...

name her brighton (sp?) bruce and brighton...SO CUTE!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Annie would be jealous of Bruce's spiderman suit. She keeps asking me if I will buy her one. I have yet to find a girls spiderman one....crazy Annie

10:30 AM  

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