Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day at the Museum

The big news of the week will come tomorrow. We've just been waiting, and waiting...

but while we are waiting, we are having some fun. I took Bruce, Phoebe, and Miss J to the Children's Museum this afternoon. It must have been while the rest of the world was napping because we had the place to ourselves (meaning we had more toys and less people to share them with - yea!). There was a room full of hundreds of golf balls and little tracks, ramps, slides, and spirals to put them down; Bruce has always loved this room and even at six years old is still mesmerized at the beauty of a ball rolling down a spiral track.

There is a room with bubbles and odd-shaped bubble-makers that the girls loved. There is a Peep and the Big Wide World-themed room with sand and water tables that left us with wet, sandy clothes. Phoebe made the above picture in that exhibit. There is an Arthur exhibit where you can green-screen yourself into the title sequence and walk alongside Arthur on TV. Phoebe has a crush on Arthur and plays the part of little sister D.W. quite well. We also went to a "get ready for kindergarten" exhibit where we boarded a school bus, checked out bugs under magnifying glasses, and put puzzles together. Phoebe is already convinced she should be in kindergarten: she now insists on having her lunch packed regardless of whether we're going anywhere, and she swipes Bruce's backpack and wears it around any chance she can get. If kindergarteners could go to school in their underpants, she would be all set: keeping Phoebe fully clothed throughout the day is a chore!

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Blogger ellen said...

I called you today (probably while you were at the museum) because I couldn't remember the options for residency...I'm looking forward to hearing the big news tomorrow (and secretly hoping that it's Boston).

12:52 AM  

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