Friday, June 17, 2016

Unbored during the boards

Swim lessons wrapped up this week. While I won't miss walking to and from the YMCA three times a week, the kids will miss pool time and awesome teachers. In six weeks, Phoebe learned to swim independently, Bruce learned more strokes, and Oliver got comfortable in the water and even had some fun. Success!
It's the end of the school year so there are lots of fun related events. This is Phoebe with her besties at the school fun run. 
My parents came to town for a quick visit. They were going to come for birthday week in May, but their trip got delayed so they came in June. It just so happened to align with the few days that Scott would be out of town taking his radiology board exams, so he missed out but I was glad they were here to help! They brought toys for the kids (bubble machine and disc launchers), treated us to The Friendly Toast, attended Bruce's fifth grade band concert, and helped me survive!
The kids love grandpa's mustache so we busted out some of our own.
Oliver wears the Hulk Hogan well.
Grandpa walked kids to school, played at the park, and fixed a few things around the house. 
Grandma had a sprained ankle, but that didn't stop her from challenging Oliver to an epic duel. Oli said things like, "I'm Darth Vader. You Luke Skywalker." Or "I'm bad guy," then he would repeat the word "stupid" over and over because that's what bad guys do. All while wailing on grandma with a light saber.
The week before my parents came, we got a letter home from Phoebe's kindergarten class saying someone in class had lice. I told Scott that Phoebe having lice would be my absolute worst nightmare: she hates it when I comb her hair on a normal day, so I could only imagine combing through her hair for hours. I checked her hair and didn't see anything for a few days. Then the day after my parents arrived, I found lice! I totally freaked out and literally ran to the pharmacy to buy the death shampoo. My mom laundered everything while I treated Phoebe's hair and combed through every strand. It was as painful as imagined: Phoebe moaned and complained and wiggled and whined. I combed through her hair night and day for a week just to make sure I got every last nit, then treated her again just to be sure. Scott said if it returns, we are just going to shave her.

In better news, Scott finished his 2-day, 700-question board exams and then we headed out for a week of camping!


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