Thursday, February 09, 2006

Activity Days

I can't believe how much he's grown! This is from when he was about two weeks old. He's fattened up since then. Yesterday I had a friend over to bake cakes and she brought her three-year-old. She walked around the house and Bruce just scooted after her. It kept them both busy for a long time.

Last night I had Activity Days. I have about a dozen 8-11-year-old girls that are wild but very fun. We talked about Jesus washing the apostles' feet, then massaged each other's feet. The girls had a great time doing that, but when we suggested they give their parents foot massages for Valentine's Day they said, "Ewwwww." After everyone took a trip to the bathroom to wash their hands, we frosted cakes and cookies. The girls loved it - but I'm not so sure the parents will be so happy with me. By the time everyone left, each girl had eaten about a half-dozen cookies and a few bites of cake. Everyone had food coloring mustaches and some girls had food coloring on their clothes. My fingers still have green food coloring on them this morning after a few scrubs, so I can only imagine a few girls had to go to school this morning with colorful smiles.


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