Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We Know it's Better in Montana, but...

More photos of Mount Washington. We had a great time and want to go back soon - although Scott kept starting sentences with the phrase "Back in Montana..."

It's not the west for sure. There were hundreds of hikers out on Saturday and Scott said when he got to the top, the gorgeous view was cloudy and all he could really see was a parking lot (cars can drive to the top).

Bruce and I went to a town park when we got off the mountain. We played on the playground for a few minutes, then heard a distinct train horn coming from behind the park. We looked around and saw an old-fashioned train station nearby. We ran over to it and an enormous steam engine pulled up.

It just so happened that there was a scenic railroad line with a station right by the park. And it was "Railfan Weekend." We sat by the tracks and watched four steam engines pull up, drop passengers off, pick more up, and chug away. Bruce has been talking about "BIG STEAM ENGINES" ever since.


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