Sunday, September 09, 2007

This is what they call "cozy"

As requested, here are a few photos of our awesome crib. The inside, at least. The outside isn't hard to picture: think cardboard box. Each apartment building has 12 units, and there are about a dozen of these lovely sixties-era buildings.

Here are a few glimpses anyway.
- The lifts under our bed so we can store our old dining room table, luggage, and other items underneath.
- Our industrial storage shelf filled with water and clothes.
- Bruce's closet is a mess that will not clean itself until we move out.
- Our nondescript bathroom.

This place is smaller than our last, and is on the third floor instead of the second. It's A LOT cheaper though: hooray.

The advantages of a small place are that I can vacuum the whole thing without unplugging and replugging the vacuum cleaner, and it takes ten minutes to scrub the whole place down even after a major Bruce disaster.

Disadvantages: less room to spread our junk, less space for Bruce to run, hauling groceries up three flights of stairs, carrying the jogging stroller up and down those stairs, laundry in the basement, etc.


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