Sunday, December 23, 2007

Totally Tagged

It's official. I have been tagged. It seems like everyone does these things and ends with "everyone that reads this is tagged," but I've been avoiding my turn. But now I've been named specifically (thanks Rolana!), so now I have to.

Ten Random Things About Me

1. I'd like to think I'm the most efficient grocery shopper ever. I create a list throughout the week of things we are running out of or need. Then before going to the store I will order the list according to the layout of the store. For instance, eggs and butter are at the beginning of the list and produce and bread are at the end. Then when I go to the store I grab everything the first time through and don't have to backtrack through aisles looking for stuff. I shop as early in the morning as I can (our store opens at 7 a.m.) to avoid the crowds too.

2. I'm a pseudo-vegan. Genetics aren't in my favor, so I have wicked bad cholesterol and have cut meat, cheese, dairy, and egg yolks from my diet. I actually don't miss meat that much, but I miss cheese. Now I get "veggie slices" when I want a grilled cheese sandwich.

3. I never wore much makeup in high school and college. Not that I do now either. But I can count on one hand the times I wore makeup in high school. And maybe on two hands when I was in college. I wore eye shadow and mascara on our wedding day, but I've always hated powder and foundation and all that other junk. Smelly and unnecessary. Once I had Bruce, I decided I better put on a little something to avoid looking like a tired sweatpants-clad mom. Now I'm a tired sweatpants-clad mom with makeup on. Just kidding.

4. I have bad luck when it comes to rented apartments and water leaks. My freshman year of college I lived in a house with my sister and five other girls. The house, called The Casa for its Mexican stucco look, was dilapidated but had character. Unfortunately the roof of our dining room started leaking. It leaked for about a week before our 90-year-old landlord climbed onto the roof and nailed some sheet metal down. My sophomore year of college I lived with three of my BYU cross country teammates in a second floor apartment of a three-story complex. Somehow that roof started leaking too. That was really bad. It leaked over Christmas break when no one was there so when we got back, the upstairs apartment had a roof leak that turned into their floor leak and our roof leak. Yikes. That took about a month to fix - thank goodness it was more than sheet metal for that one. And just last week, our living room wall started leaking water. The paint is bubbling up and water spills down onto the floor and sizzles on the heating radiator. Ah, what luck.

5. I was obsessed with Sesame Street and Elmo until about eighth grade. I loved the red-ness and innocence of Elmo. It was when Tickle Me Elmo came out and everyone became obsessed that I was really turned off. It was eighth grade, so it was about time anyway.

6. I love running, but I love racing even more. I love that feeling of being ridiculously fit and being able to see someone ahead and surge to pass them. Sometimes I get competitive out on the roads or trails. If I see someone ahead, I have to pass them. If I hear someone behind me, I can't let them catch me.

7. I am a big fan of AP style (Associated Press style). I loved my writing and editing classes in BYU's journalism program - and there were lots of them. I have a whole book that defines items that are capitalized (Books on Tape, for example) and the differences between words like bizarre and bazaar. And I actually like reading it.

8. I am not crafty. At all. In elementary school, I tried making a cross stitch and eventually gave up. In high school, someone tried to teach me how to crochet a bookmark and it went horribly wrong. I can sew buttons, but they don't look great and will probably need sewed again a few months later. That's about the extent of it. My lack of crafting skill is in contrast to my artsy sisters. My oldest sister is a world-famous ceramic artist. My other older sister designs die-cuts for a scrapbooking company and was a printmaking major in college. My younger sister is a freshman in college but shows promise as a graphic designer perhaps. She really likes drawing.

9. If I work more than about 55 hours in a week, I start dreaming about digital cameras. I've had all kinds of camera nightmares - not being able to see the LCD screen, not being able to find the camera I want at a convention, etc. There are a few camera conventions coming up soon too so I will almost surely have a few dreams about digital cameras.

10. I have OCD tendencies when it comes to fingernails. I trim mine about twice a week. I hate the feeling of long fingernails, so I keep mine short all the time. And I'm grossed out when I see dirty fingernails. I trim Bruce's about once a week or else he starts a collection of bacteria under them.

That's it. Ten random facts. I'll end this with, "everyone who reads this is tagged."


Blogger rolana said...

awesome emily! see, you learn new things everyday!! Merry Christmas!

1:36 PM  
Blogger the hejnys said...

I love it! I'm glad Rolana called you out. :)

4:56 PM  
Blogger Shannon and Ross said...

I love so much the fact that you used "wicked" the "right" way. Boston is rubbing off on you! :)

8:18 PM  

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