Friday, January 18, 2008

This Book Changed My Life!

One of the best Christmas gifts I got was a "quiet book." Every year my siblings do a gift exchange - and everything has to be homemade. My sister, Janis, asked me what I wanted for Christmas awhile ago and I told her all I wanted was for Bruce to be quiet in church.

There is a sacrament meeting at church (similar to Mass) that lasts a bit over an hour. It's supposed to be the most spiritual, reverent time when we can listen to talks about the gospel and reflect on Christ's sacrifice by taking the sacrament. Unfortunately while everyone is reflecting, Bruce often gets stir-crazy and starts squirming and yelling.

So my sister made a "quiet book." It has all kinds of activities sewn into a big binder of a book - and it is MAGICAL. It has already kept Bruce quiet for a few Sundays straight. He even pulls it out and plays with it at home (I hope the novelty doesn't wear off!). Thanks Janis!


Blogger Unknown said...

Will you have her make me one...or rather two???

10:31 AM  

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