Sunday, January 06, 2008

New England Aquarium

We went to the aquarium this weekend. Boston has a great aquarium. And since Bruce has been chatting endlessly about animals (mostly those seen on Planet Earth DVDs, including penguins and sharks), as went to go see a few ones in real life. We had a blast - and can't wait to go back again. Bruce reached a point where he was nearly hyperventilating repeating "Let's see some more fish. Let's see some more fish. Let's see some more fish."

We went to the airport on Saturday night and swapped me for my sister. I am off to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and "Aunt Ma-wis-sa" will be attending to Bruce's many demands while I'm gone.

I'll update the blog with a few photos of the show this week. I just check out digital cameras here, but the show includes everything from new personal music players to home audio to car stereo systems to computers and televisions.... It's Tech Geek Heaven here.


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