Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Columbus Clan

We spent most of our Ohio trip at my parents' house, but for two days we drove the 2-1/2 hours to Columbus and visited with four of my siblings that live around there. We packed our two days full. We had dinner with Erik and Lois and Janis and kids the first night. Lois made a ton of pasta, a big salad, and about a million delicious breadsticks in the space of about seven minutes. She's amazing like that. While dinner was en route, some cousin bonding went on.And I had to throw in a picture of this: my niece and nephew wrestling on the floor. It reminded me of younger days with my sibs. We spent that night and the next morning at Karyn's house:
Phoebe loved playing in the kitchen. It has a kid-friendly cupboard with a tea set and other kid-sized things. The contents of the cupboard are on the floor in the background.

Phoebe thoroughly enjoyed the carpet. We have hardwood laminate floors at home, so plush carpet is a special treat - especially for someone who spends a lot of time there. Phoebe is sure cute, and it's a good thing: she did not sleep through the night for the first few nights on our trip. She would scream with her eyes closed. Every night we debated whether to fully wake her up or let her cry herself to sleep or to tuck her in or whatever. I'm not normally one to argue - unless you wake me up at 2 a.m. and try to get me to make a decision. We hiked around Karyn and Andy's neighborhood and found some geese to feed.It rained most days we were there, so the ground was muddy.
But the kids were happy.
Bruce enjoyed finding frogs and bugs (there's a bug on the rock in front of his hand). While driving around my rural hometown with my mom, Bruce asked, "Where are all the sidewalks?" I'm afraid we have a city boy on our hands.
We blew bubbles in the backyard and spent lots of time with cousins.
Columbus adventures not pictured include my rain-soaked run with Janis, our ice cream outing with Sarah and kids, and our visit with Dave at his running shoe store.



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