Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wiggly Haircut

I attempted to cut Phoebe's hair this week. I cut her bangs a few months ago because they were getting in her eyes and she refused to let me pull them back. I'd been holding off chopping the rest of her hair because I figured she would someday be tame enough to want to pull her hair back. Not tame yet, I guess. (by the way, she picked the above outfit/bathing suit by herself and she is stalking my computer desk because all kinds of mischief can be made there)
So this is Phoebe before the haircut. You can't really see the back, but it's layered and mangy like a wild animal. I've had several strangers comment on her "awesome mullet." When it's humid, it curls up. When she wakes up from naps/night, it's a tangled poofy mess. Most of the time, it looked something like this:

Thank you Chrissie Hynde for modelling the untamed Phoebe look. Anyway, I tried to cut Phoebe's hair while she was awake and it didn't go well. She kept shaking her head and her bangs got shorter and shorter. They're still not even, but I thought I'd stop while I was ahead (maybe "ahead" is not accurate, but I stopped anyway). I trimmed off her mullet into a bob that is also not even......but if I evened it out, it'd probably look something like this:Maybe it's time to pay someone else to cut her hair.

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Blogger Erica said...

I relate to your difficulties. I think you did a good job under the circumstances, but if you find a good kid's haircuttting place, let me know.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

Poor Phoebe! Luckily hair grows and she won't remember this at all... only your blog will remind her.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Frozen Cacti said...

Awesome. On Phoebe it looks cute, but grown adults just shouldn't...

3:41 PM  
Blogger mithu said...

I wish Frozen Cacti were there to make that comment when I was growing up and my parents cut my hair. My father was obsessed with Dorothy Hamill's haircut and my mum complied by grabbing me and a bowl (it was perfectly rounded to use for a bob) and snipped off my hair. It went on until I was in high school. No wonder I had such low self-esteem back then...

4:00 PM  

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