Friday, November 25, 2011

Family of 4

My mom called me up tonight. My dad makes an awesome family calendar that has everyone's birthday and photo on it, which is super-important since there are zillions of us now. Anyway, my mom needed a photo with our family together - stat. Thankfully, Scott's dad is in town and grabbed the camera for us. We had been at the Museum of Fine Art all morning and Wingaersheek Beach all afternoon, so none of us were looking photo-ready and the kids were tired. Perfect combo for a family photo!
After Bruce's grouch-face, Scott told him he'd better smile or he would have a really long time-out. Nothing makes you smile like the promise of a long time-out. I'm pretty sure I started laughing first.Too bad Phoebe didn't want to put her seashells down.
Sorry mom, we tried. Better luck next year.

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Family mug shot.

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