Sunday, October 16, 2011


Our sweet Phoebe turned two years old! We celebrated by having a feast with all of her favorite food and her favorite friends. The menu included homemade cheese pizza, applesauce, corn on the cob, and chocolate cupcakes. I was going to make macaroni and cheese from the box because she does love it and it's so easy to make, but Scott thought pizza would be a little more adult and kid-friendly. He was right: everyone loved it, including The Birthday Girl. We weren't sure how Phoebe would react with a big crowd, but she sat down and ate all her food.

After we ate, we frosted the cupcakes and decorated them with M&Ms and other candy, chocolate chips, and such. I'll add video of the party within the next few days. Scott and I congratulated ourselves on the party afterward: it was just what Phoebe wanted and nothing more. Link

We are so blessed to have Phoebe in our family (and honestly, soooo glad that she is 2 and not newborn anymore! I think I've blocked out some of the bad memories from that newborn phase, but lucky for me I'm such an honest blogger and they're all recorded here).

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