Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer of the Video Game

Bruce has a new best friend - who just so happens to live underneath us. This convenient arrangement means Bruce often goes downstairs to play while the girls nap, or T comes up here to escape from his two sisters. They've had two sleepovers this summer and wish they could share a room all the time. Apparently being separated by 10 feet is too much.

I asked Bruce why he liked his friend so much. He said, "He has way more video games than me." Hopefully that means Bruce likes that T is good at sharing.

Indeed, their favorite activity is to play video games. T has a Wii with Lego Star Wars. We have a Star Wars "plug and play" game (the Darth Vader-shaped controller is in T's hands) that isn't that fancy, but still captivates the boys for a few minutes at a time.

Summer is nearing an end: school starts in a little over two weeks. Time to put the video games down...

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Blogger Frozen Cacti said...

...Luke, I am your father.
Little C would be in heaven!

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