Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Original Lorraine

Phoebe acquired her middle name, Lorraine, from Scott's grandma. The original Lorraine drove several hours to meet her great-granddaughter (and perhaps to see us too!). Pictured above are three generations: Grandma Raymond, Great-Grandpa Leavitt, and Phoebe. We met at Grandma Raymond's sister's house for food, horseback-riding, chicken-chasing, and family time!
Phoebe was a little grouchy and didn't last long with Great-Grandma Lorraine, but spent quite a bit of time with Great-Grandpa. He showed her the horses, walked her around the yard, and carried her probably more than he should. That's the Great-Grandma Lorraine on the left. She claimed that my camera would break if I took her picture. She was wrong about that, but she's right about most everything else. She's a woman who knows her priorities and keeps life simple. She knows what is important and is constantly improving herself and her family. She is a fantastic woman with a sunny personality. I remember the first time I met her was the day before Scott and I were married. She welcomed me into the family with a big, warm hug and has loved me ever since. If Phoebe Lorraine can emulate even a little of her great-grandma, we would be richly blessed.

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Blogger Crist Family said...

grandma Lorraine is amazing. What a perfect woman for pheobe's middle name to be after. Your family is so darling. thanks for your dilegent blogging - you are so fun to stalk. What a fun visit for your family! Hang in there as a med school widow - one day it will get a little better :)

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Lorraine said...

24 hrs after I got the "Granny Gram" off. These pictures and explainations put "Granny" to shame, but please keep it up! ! Thanks for your kind comments. It sure maakes me want to live up to them. And Phoebe is a real get with the program girl. It is obvious she has been taught well by Bruce! What joy you bring to our hearts! OX's

7:04 PM  

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