Friday, August 05, 2011

Utah Vacation Photo Dump

We got to visit with lots of friends while in Utah. My BYU cross country teammates and roommates of many years, Tia and Mooner, caught up with me. They look the same as when we graduated - when exactly do runners start aging?
We saw the Rodgers family, our good friends that lived in Boston for a few years. They're out at BYU for a business degree. Bruce had a great time with Isaac, his old buddy.
Scott visited with the Romneys, his mission president when he served in Moscow. Scott's sister rented this monstrous inflatable waterslide and put it up in the backyard for a few days. The kids loved it, of course. The adults also got a lot of mileage out of it. Phoebe preferred to relax in the shade. She frequently hid in this spot under the patio table.
Bruce was in heaven in the backyard. Lots of grass to run around barefoot, a trampoline, a swing set, a few raspberry bushes. I loved it too: it was all fenced in.
Phoebe had a lot of fun with her cousin, Brooke, who is two weeks older.
Other random highlights in our trip: eating lots of fried food at The Purple Turtle,
hiking up to a stream on the mountain for the kids to play in,
going to Deer Creek Lake to jet-ski and play on the beach,
and go to Seven Peaks water park, which Bruce claims is the funnest thing he has ever done in his whole life. He said he wants to move to Utah so he can go there all the time. I told him there must be one somewhere around Boston.

p.s. I love that last picture because Phoebe and Grandpa Bruce are making the same satisfied-with-life face. Ahhhhh, vacation.

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Deer Creek Lake, jet-skiing...I'd have a satisfied look on my face too!

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