Monday, September 05, 2011

Rocking the weekend - Part I

Scott had a real weekend (and will more often since he's on his advanced radiology elective rotation), so we hooked up with friends and headed for the hills. We went to the Blue Hills, where there is an old granite quarry with big rock walls and an enclosed grassy meadow. It was perfect for Phoebe because she tends to wander when given the chance, and this allowed her to wander safely. She chose to play with our friends' baby most of the time.

The old quarry also happens to be a popular spot for graffiti artists.Bruce took a turn climbing and almost made it to the top......with some help.Scott took a few turns and got his outdoorsy fix. I tried rock-climbing for the first time and liked it: I can see how people get into it. I looked at the wall and couldn't see how I was going to get up the blasted thing (There's nowhere to put my right hand! How am I supposed to support my body weight on my pinky toe that is perched on a centimeter-wide ding in the wall?!), but little by little I made my way up. It helped that Taylor kept yelling directions and encouragement: "Put your left foot where that chalky spot is!" "Reach your right hand up six inches higher!" It was a vertical game of Twister. Unfortunately no one thought to pick up the camera while I was up, so no photos of me. Maybe it's better that way though: watching climbers at the bottom of the wall isn't super-flattering since you mostly see their backsides.Taylor showed us up, scampering up a flat wall while tossing baby powder up and down (he forgot his chalk bag). His wife, Jodi, did some climbing too - even though she just had a baby four months ago. They're amazing.
More rocking the weekend coming up - but this time a different sort of rock. I'm racing the Run to the Rock 10K, where I will race to Plymouth Rock on Saturday. Stay tuned.

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