Monday, June 04, 2012

Costa Rica Adventure: my version of vacation.

After our daily hike/kayak/adventure of some form, we relaxed on the beach all afternoon. I usually took a nap in the hammock and then dipped my toes into the ocean. The water was warm, but the waves were huge for the first few days.

I didn't go swimming until the last day when the waves were calmer and there weren't wild riptides; I had recently read this and didn't want it to be my fate.

Scott tried his hand at fishing. We could see the fish jumping in the waves, but none of them wanted to be eaten by us.
 The sun went down around 5:30, so we spent the late afternoon watching the sun set from the beach.
 And then we would finish the day by eating amazing food. 

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Blogger Juliver said...

Wow! What a LEGIT vacation. That is the coolest cabana you stayed in! Weren't you afraid of snakes eating you in the night!? Hope your summer is going well!

1:07 PM  

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