Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bruce the Birthday Boy

 Bruce had an awesome birthday: it started at 6 a.m., when we brought french toast into his room. He wanted breakfast in bed and had requested french toast the night before. After breakfast, he opened his presents: walkie talkies, a Lego Star Wars sticker book, and a Lego Harry Potter video game.
 We headed to New Hampshire for the Bedford 12K. It is one of a handful of races that is designated a New England Grand Prix race, which theoretically attracts the best runners in the region. The race was stacked and my legs felt sluggish (maybe last weekend's 24 miles? maybe my calf strain that had me running no faster than 6:15 pace the last two weeks? maybe from Phoebe climbing in bed with me at 2 a.m.?), so I finished in eighth place. After the race and a quick cooldown, we jumped back in the car, grabbed lunch at Bruce's favorite burrito joint, and cleaned up for the birthday party.
 This year's pinata was simple: a Death Star. I didn't get a great picture of it. The best part of it was Scott's surgical suture job that he used to secure the rope to it. It was a masterpiece.
 The weather was sunny and in the high 70s, so it was another great year for a party at the park. The splash park sprinklers randomly started going off during the party, and our birthday party instantly turned into a water park party. All the kids ran into the sprinklers in their clothes and shoes. They shed their shirts and shoes after a few minutes, and let them dry on the fence for the rest of the party.
 Phoebe was properly attired after a quick trip home. She was happy to run around barefoot in the sprinklers.
 The Death Star didn't last long. Last year we had to get really violent with the thick General Grievous, so I made the Death Star thinner. It made it through about a half-dozen kids before it exploded...
We had a droid army scavenger hunt, ate cupcakes that sat in the sun way too long, and Bruce scored some more birthday loot. Bruce had just enough time to play with his goodies before eating his requested birthday dinner - Phineas and Ferb-shaped macaroni and cheese - and heading to bed. Happy 7th Birthday Bruce!

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Blogger Doc said...

Wow - 7 years! It feels like just yesterday when he was born!!!!!

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