Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to my Awesome Mom

 Here is my biggest fan. You would think that with 10 kids, my mom wouldn't have time to make it to everyone's sporting events, plays, science fairs, scouting banquets, and parent-teacher conferences. Somehow she made it to everything for everyone (maybe she had one of these?) and then some (muffins for sick people, volunteering with the police and fire department, community activist, classroom parent for 30 years, etc.). She made it to cheer me on in the marathon this year and saved the day when Bruce and Phoebe both surprised me by being born six weeks early.

At the State Cross Country meet my senior year,  my parents led a fan club to remember. Many of my siblings, nieces, nephews, neighbors, and friends came to support me, all dressed with my signature nubbly hair-style. Some painted their faces and my older brother, Dan, even shaved "GO EMILY" into the back of his head. I won the race and still treasure it as one of my best moments because of the support from my family. 
When I went to the State Track meet the following spring, my mom led the troops again and cheered me on through one of the hottest meets of the year (I think it was almost 90 degrees). I ran the 4 x 800-meter relay one night, then the 1600 meters the next day, and the 3200 meters two hours later. While the 3200 meters was my strongest event, it was my last event when I would be the most tired. My dad took a video of the race - and someday when I am savvy enough I will post it - and the best part of the video is during the last 200 meters of the race. Another girl and I had been battling back and forth throughout the race and it came down to the very end. In the video, you can see me pull ahead while the camera jostles all over the place (before the days of image stabilization). You can hear my mom screaming "GO EMILY!" so loud that her voice breaks and cracks. You can tell she is so emotional but it doesn't stop her from yelling into a big stadium even when there is little chance she will be heard by me.

That is my mom: I know she supports me even when I can't hear it coming. When Phoebe was born, my mom came and watched Bruce, made meals, drove me to the hospital, and generally took care of everything. When Phoebe was still in the hospital, my mom brought me to visit her but would reserve Phoebe's limited out-of-the-isolette time for me; my mom did not even hold Phoebe the first time she came out. My mom was a mother first before a grandmother, I guess.

I love you Mom!

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