Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random Raymond Update

 This post is going to be so quick and random, it is going to need bullet points.
  • School started! The day before it began, I asked Bruce if he was excited. "Not really," he said. Then he walked into school on the first day, high-fived about 50 kids and a dozen teachers, and decided that he missed it so much he wants to have school during the summer. That's what he said.
  • School started for Phoebe too! A few moms and I teamed up to do "joy school" twice a week. I am not a fan of the really cheesy songs with terrible rhymes, but the activities are pretty fun and educational. It does not matter what I think though: Phoebe loves it. 
  • Hello injured list. That dreaded hip injury is haunting me again. My hips were really tired after the 25K - maybe something to do with 1) not enough mileage for such a long race, and 2) being lazy about stretching and doing my physical therapy exercises - and after a week of shorter, slower runs, my right hip was still much sorer than it should be. I don't think I've re-torn my labrum yet, but I am in that critical early stage of an injury that will determine whether I'm injured for a few weeks or a few months. So far I have gone three full days without running and already feel like a slug, but I still have hopes of catching the end of the cross country season. 
  • Scott is on surgery this month. He loves loves loves it. Just this week he has removed an appendix, a few toes and legs, and inserted catheters and ports. When he is home, he practices tying knots so he can stitch one-handed or no-handed or with-his-eyes-closed or whatever. 
  • Scott had a birthday! We celebrated by going out to dinner with the other interns at the hospital and then eating carrot cake with the kids afterward. Scott got a belt (I always get boring, practical stuff since I can't quite afford what he really wants) and an E-Z Pass so we can speed past all those tollbooths on I-90 next time we go to Ohio (and now we can sing "Happy Birthday" as we go by). 
  • Block party! Our neighborhood throws a fantastic block party every year complete with music, bounce houses, pony rides, face painting, crafts, and exhibits from neighborhood businesses and agencies. Phoebe has been talking about riding the ponies ever since last year's block party, so she took two pony rides. Bruce and Phoebe picked out free books from a literacy exhibit. Bruce sat in the bounce house and read an entire Captain Underpants book, then went back to the booth and traded it for another book.

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Blogger Montana Raymonds said...

Yes, Phoebe needs a horse. I told Bruce we'll buy five acres and call it the Raymond Ranch.

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