Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Camping: the trial version

The summer is nearing an end and I realized we had not been camping yet. Friends from our former church congregation were going camping in Vermont to a nice plush campground, so the kids and I joined the crowd. Scott was working so he camped in the hospital. We drove to Vermont on a Friday night and got in late, got help from friends to set up the tent, and enjoyed a s'more around the campfire before heading to bed. In the morning, we played on the swing set...
 ...and played Frisbee.
We went hiking on gorgeous trails. Bruce found a salamander that he insisted on carrying for a few miles. By the end of our hike, the salamander was stiff and lifeless. Oops.
 We hiked up to the top of Patriarch Hill...
 ...and then Phoebe announced that she had to go potty. In fact, she had to poo. We ran down with Phoebe moaning on my back. Thankfully, she made it to the potty.
 The campground is in Sharon, Vermont, at the birthplace of Joseph Smith. There is a tall monument and a visitor's center, but it is otherwise a woodsy, beautiful, peaceful place.
 After our hike, we went for a swim in a pond.
And this is how our trip ended: Phoebe in her swim suit and towel-jacket, asleep in her car seat, with an Oreo mustache. This was our quick camping trip just to get out and go camping. The next weekend we did real camping with Scott; more adventures to come.

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