Friday, July 20, 2012

Ohio fun

 When we weren't feeding ducks and taking tractor rides, we were swimming at a friend's pool.
 Bruce showed off his swimming skills in the deep end and pulled Phoebe around in her "boat."
 We fed our friend's donkeys.
We went to the zoo one day, but left a sick Phoebe at home with grandma. Phoebe had a weird 24-hour barfing bug, but *thankfully* did not pass it along to any of her cousins.
Bruce reconnected with his cousins and talked endlessly about Star Wars and video games. These guys are too cool for you.
It was another hot day at the zoo: all the animals laid still in the shade, and that's what I felt like doing too. Asena beat the heat with a quick shower in the sprinkler.
We hung out with Great Grandma and ate amazing food, swiped some cookies from her second kitchen, and Phoebe searched unsuccessfully for her cat (it's been dead for at least a year, but Phoebe still remembers it).

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