Sunday, June 24, 2012

What you've missed

I am behind on my blogging, and this is a poor attempt at catching up. As it turns out, everyone I know is pregnant. I had a baby shower for five friends who are all due from May to August; each was having her second child.
We put up a few decorations, painted toenails, and ate lots of fruit and chocolate. I know some people aren't big fans of multiple baby showers, but I believe every child deserves a party.
 Bruce's last day of school came and went. He is officially done with first grade and happy to be on summer vacation (unlike last year). He has big plans every day. Last week he wanted to build a castle, start a caricature-drawing business at the park, and make and sell comic books.
 Bruce biked to school almost every day this year. He loves his bike, which is now decked out with a "bike airplane" on the front: the faster he bikes, the faster the little propeller spins. This weekend we wanted to support our local Scouts in their fundraising efforts for summer camp; they were putting on a car wash, but Scott took the car to do some hiking with friends. We took Bruce's bike to the car wash instead. When they were scrubbing his bike, Bruce asked if they were going to sing (you will have to click on the link above for that to make sense).
Bruce participated in Soccer Nights again this year and loved it. Last year he was more of a commentator, but this year he got in the game a little more. He is a decent defender and avoids the big clumps of players, but that works to his advantage sometimes. He scored a few goals and was proud of how he played.

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