Sunday, June 26, 2011

School is out.

When the school-year began, I didn't think it was possible for Bruce to maintain his first-day-of-school enthusiasm. He was so pumped up that the routine of school would surely be a let-down, right? Wrong. He loved every minute of kindergarten. He was never late to school, despite walking every day, and most days we made it a few minutes before the classroom door opened. Bruce would wait at the door like it was a line for a roller coaster at an amusement park, sometimes tapping on the window and waving excitedly at his teacher. The last week of school was full of events that made me wonder why there is a last week of school. Field day was on Monday; Bruce was on a team that won the egg-on-a-spoon relay. Tuesday was Fun Run day and I'll admit I was eager to hear how it went after school since I secretly want him to be a runner someday. Alas, he fell on the first lap and spent some time with the school nurse instead. On Wednesday, he met his first-grade teacher and checked out next year's classroom. Thursday was the last day of school, so they had a school assembly where each class presented something they've been working on.
I got to be one of the proud parents in the back of the gym until Phoebe freaked out and we had to leave. She yelled, "Bruce! Bruce!" as we left. Bruce's class had an ice cream party at the end of the day. I'd brought in some of the ice cream and I included his favorite flavor, so after school I asked him if he got his chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. He said he didn't want any because he wanted to play with Legos and K'nex instead!

On Friday, Bruce told me that his kindergarten teacher had said to stop by the school and say hello to him over the summer (some of the teachers do summer camps at the school here). Bruce informed me that it was officially summer, so we should go say hello. I told Bruce that his teacher was most likely taking a day off, but Bruce insisted that he would be there. We finally headed out the door and walked to the school, which was desolate. There were a few people in the office, but the lights were out in the classrooms and it was eerily quiet. We went home and had "writer's workshop," where I wrote sentences and Bruce wrote them in his neatest handwriting. Bruce told me he wants to have math workshop tomorrow, and reader's workshop the next day...

School starts again in September. Wish me luck!

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