Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wunderlich wedding in Washington

My niece got married in Washington D.C. on Friday. Scott is working night and day in the ICU and Miss J is on vacation for two weeks, so I took Bruce and Phoebe and hopped on a plane to D.C. Thursday night. I packed plenty of bribery, electronics, and other goodies, but the kids did amazingly well on the flight. Phoebe was excited about being served apple juice and pretzels, and Bruce was excited about getting to play Angry Birds as long as we were in the air.

The wedding was wonderful, but afterward the heat was intense: 104 degrees. The few pictures that I posed for, I'm quite sure my eyes were squinted closed and I felt like my hair was melting. Bruce, Phoebe, my parents, and I drove back to Ohio that afternoon. Somehow we missed the huge storms that knocked out power to much of Ohio, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Now we are hanging out at the Mars Resort awaiting Margaret and Tom's wedding reception this weekend, and Mars Cousin Camp the next weekend. More adventures to come!

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