Friday, July 20, 2012

M + T's reception

Wedding receptions in our family are always a group project. This reception was for my niece, the first of my siblings' kids to get married. While the craftiest of the jobs were left to my sister, my project was to put pictures in frames. Check. And slice one zillion limes and lemons, then de-seed them. Check.
 Uncle Dan made cupcakes and Asena helped sample them.
 Karyn put together a photo booth that kept the kids busy. Grandpa spent months putting together a wedding video.
The reception was held in a restored barn that miraculously had air conditioning (it went for nearly a week without power after a big storm came through, but power was restored the night before the reception!).
The food was awesome: vegan waffles, vegan toppings, vegan cupcakes. Yummy! I am glad I have many more years before I need to put one of these on for Phoebe.

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