Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back from the Berkshires

Once the marathon was finished and my family drove out of town, we packed up and headed for the hills: the Berkshires! It felt good to breathe some fresh air, but it did not feel good for me to hike the first few days; my marathon legs were still stiff/ dysfunctional. 
Thankfully I didn't do all the hikes. Scott took Oliver and Bruce for a hike up Mount Greylock, the tallest point in Massachusetts. Phoebe and I went for a much shorter hike, picked up lots of sticks and leaves, and I told lots of firefighter stories along the way.
The best thing about vacation (for me) is no schedule. The kids saw a playground at the side of the road, so we stopped.
This little guy was happy to be climbing around. He spent a lot of time strapped to Scott's back...
 Oliver is super-cute, but he has been a monster at night. He added two teeth this week, which might explain some of the crazy nights. He now has one tooth on top and two on the bottom.
I'm just glad all this teething madness came after the marathon. Seriously, it was a miracle that he slept for those two nights before the marathon.
On one of our hikes, Phoebe found this funny pine cone and proclaimed that it was her magic wand. She said she had to go potty, but refused to go outside (and there were no potties for miles and miles) so she said her magic wand would help her to hold it. Somehow it totally worked. She held it for six hours! We are hanging on to this pine cone for future emergencies.
We stayed at Mohawk Trail State Park in a little cabin. The kids loved having a backyard (i.e. the woods) and did lots of rolling around in the dirt. I'm glad it's not deer tick season yet.
The kids saw this truck in the middle of the woods so we got some photos with it. Phoebe is convinced that Grandpa Mars can fix this up in no time.

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