Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Birthday Week!

Bruce and Oliver have birthdays within two days of each other, so we ate a lot of cake that week. The festivities started on Tuesday with Bruce's birthday and the traditional ginger chocolate cake. That would be TEN candles up there.
Thursday was Oliver's birthday. We invited Phoebe's best bud (who also happens to be Oliver's best bud) to come over after school and help us celebrate. We played with balloons and did some finger painting.
 We decorated chocolate cupcakes. I didn't put much effort into Oliver's cake: he isn't a big fan. He put all those marshmallows and M&Ms onto the cupcake and then took them all off one-by-one and ate them. He didn't even touch the frosting. He is officially TWO now and only terrible sometimes.
 On Saturday Bruce had his birthday party. We invaded the park next door and did the usual: games, lunch, pinata and cupcakes. This year Bruce wanted to have a water gun fight.
Even though it was in the low-to-mid-60s, the kids didn't mind. Fun was had by all.

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