Friday, July 01, 2016

Fun in Fundy

The coolest thing about the Bay of Fundy is the tide. The bay gets narrower and shallower the farther north it goes, causing the biggest variation in its high and low tide in the world. 
So when the tide is out, it is waaaaaay out and leaves an exposed ocean floor to play on.
At high tide, this is a raging river.
This is the tide coming in later in the day.
Bruce made this lovely heart at Herring Cove Beach.
Each night we went to the beach and watched the tide and skipped rocks and hung out. Ahhhh.
While at Fundy National Park we stayed in a yurt-like structure. I was glad: it was chilly and this little yurt had a space heater in it. It was nice to not have to unpack all the bedding too: it had bunk beds and mattresses. Fancy!
We hiked to Triple Vault Falls. The hike was long and Phoebe and Oliver got tired. Oliver got carried a lot, although I got him to hike some while chasing me with a stick and shouting, "You'll never defeat me now!" (Pretending to be a Jedi or someone from Star Wars)

We made sure to have s'mores every night.
Oliver wore some pretty weird outfits. Potty training was going ok before we went camping. He was excited about peeing on trees, but then resisted going on any real toilet and definitely didn't want to go poop. He held it for days, then he would poop a dozen times in one day - destroying every pair of undies and pants we packed for him. So he wore Phoebe's clothes. We visited a laundromat.
After three days in New Brunswick, we drove back to Maine (that would be border control above). 



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