Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Holy Cannoli!

My brother, Dan, and his wife, Leslie, stopped in town this weekend. They stayed on Cape Cod for a few days and then wandered up the coast on Saturday to our place. We celebrated their short stay by going to the North End, a historic part of Boston with brick streets and lots of Italian restaurants. We walked by Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church, then stopped by Mike's Pastries for a famous cannoli.

The big news this week is that we are moving. We're not moving very far - just into a cheaper apartment. The new apartment is just as nice, but a little smaller and a lot cheaper. We're hoping to stash our cash so we can someday soon quit renting and actually buy a place. We are going to miss our current home: it has a great backyard, awesome neighbors, cool neighborhood, nice parks, and an enormous kitchen. We won't move until the end of July, so we'll send out our contact information then.

Tonight was the annual biophysics clambake at Harvard. Scott had lobster and I had grilled veggies. Bruce ate peas, corn on the cob, and cookies - you know, the good stuff. There was a jazz band playing there and Bruce watched them for a long time. Scott's clinical rounds are going well. Today he learned how to dilate eyes and do an eye exam: he couldn't drive home from the clambake because his eyes were still messed up from students practicing on him.

As for me, I'm busy with the daily grind of motherhood and digital camera reviews. Last week I took Bruce into the office so we could pick up a camera or something. He likes to play in the rec room, where there's a huge television hooked up to an Xbox with Guitar Hero cued up and ready to go. He can really jam - although he's looking pretty tired in this picture.


Blogger Wendster said...

Happy birthday Bruce! Looks like a great party.
Congratulations on your race! What an inspiration you are.

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