Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Raymond Update

The sun is out this week and we are taking full advantage of it. We bought Bruce some sandals and picked up some watermelon at the store, and can't wait to have a picnic. We went to an MIT barbecue earlier this week. The food was served up by a woman wearing big glasses and an equation on a T-shirt. I asked Scott if he envied her awesome shirt. "No, not that equation anyway."
I taught my last Activity Day this week. There is only the recognition night left where everyone brings food and we pat the girls on the back for this year's accomplishments. This week we cleaned all the toys in the church's nursery. For awhile it seemed like Bruce was coming home sick every week. So many kids use that nursery that it's probably quite a bacterial playground. Anyway, the girls took the toys outside and washed them off and then had a water balloon toss and squirt gun fight. I didn't have a squirt gun, so I drove home with a wet bum.
Happy Memorial Day!


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