Friday, May 04, 2007

Montana 2007

We've thrown our laptops aside for a week and headed west. Bruce was amazingly good on the airplane thanks to a few trucks, books, snacks, and a box of crayons. Most of the time that wouldn't cut it still - but we got very lucky. I don't expect such luck on the way back.
We went to Yellowstone and saw buffalo roaming across the road (that's when I decided not to go for a run in the park!), elk, a few other animals, and a bunch of hotpots/mudpots/geysers/etc. Very cool stuff. It's so weird to see boiling puddles on the ground.
Bruce has enjoyed being spoiled by grandma and grandpa. And Scott and I have enjoyed a break too. We went out on a date the other night: hot springs, a walk, and dinner. It was wonderful to talk to Scott and not be distracted by our adorable toddler, but we still missed him!
I have enjoyed excellent meals, sleeping in, and breathing clean air. Scott has enjoyed the time with his siblings and parents, Frisbee and croquet tournaments, and lack of connectivity here. Bruce has enjoyed so much that I can hardly even start listing it all. Just this afternoon, he went to a duck pond and fed the ducks, watched a power shovel and backhoe at a construction site, jumped on the trampoline, ran up and down a hill, watched a long train roll by, and went to a playground. Spoiled? Oh yes. We all are.


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