Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Madness

At the end of my Vegas trip, a few coworkers and I went to Red Rock Canyon for a few hours and snapped some pictures. Since we work for a camera review site, we all have pretty nice cameras and looked very touristy. We went for a hike and saw a bunch of rock climbers and even a guy that was oiling himself and doing bicep curls with rocks. My picture of him isn't very good, but I didn't want to get in his face and snap a shot and make his already enlarged ego any bigger.
Here are some highlights from the week since I've been back.
* Running 10 x 1000-meters in 3:26-30 Tuesday night after the previous night's red-eye. I'm shooting for a sub-35-minute 10k next weekend, and this workout makes me think I can actually do it.
* Celebrating National Pi Appreciation Day on Wednesday (3/14, get it?). I made Scott a chicken pot pie with the symbol for pi on top. I didn't get a picture of it because it wasn't very pretty and Scott said we have pictures from last year's "pi pie."
* Going to Activity Days on Thursday. My co-leader planned a scripture scavenger hunt (eg. a scripture about the windows of heaven would lead to a clue stuck on a window) with popcorn at the end. Best part? I didn't have to plan any of it. She's great.
* Bruce had playgroup on Friday. And while he did body-tracing, singing, and drumming, I had a productive two hours and finished up some work.
* Watching March Madness this weekend. Scott and I both filled out brackets and even though we chose different teams, I think we're doing equally bad. At least Ohio State is still in...
* We had a family date Saturday night. Scott and I went to the temple while Bruce played in the nursery, then we went to the Oasis afterwards. The Oasis is a Brazilian restaurant that has pretty amazing rice and beans. Scott got a few hunks of meat, Bruce ate rice, and I got just what I wanted: rice, beans, and plantains.
* Scott and I had three sets of missionaries over for Sunday brunch. Scott is the mission leader in our congregation, so we see a lot of the missionaries. We made zillions of waffles, vats of syrup, loads of eggs and bacon, and even some fruit. Mid-brunch, Bruce blew out his diaper and had poo running out the leg of his pants. We took a quick bath and got back in time for a dessert of pineapple-angel food cake. Yum.


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You guys are such a cute family!

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