Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2007 Resolutions

A quick update...
Scott starts a new class this week. I think he's excited to finally get back in a school/work (lab) routine that includes earlier mornings and maybe even some exercise. We sat down and figured out our goals for 2007. Scott wants to publish 12 papers this year. I want to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. Bruce wants to read and re-read book after book about trains.

Bruce is collecting an enormous pile of toys. It grows larger about every week. A lady at church gave Bruce a lion that sings and lights up. A boy at church gave Bruce a Transformer. Our upstairs neighbor gave him a rocking horse that sings (her son is afraid of horses, she found out).

I'm prepping for the 5k this weekend. Tonight is track practice, where I get to run 3 x 1600 meters at 5:20something pace. I'm just excited to run on an indoor track; it's so cold this week.


Blogger Karyn said...

I love Bruce's little man haircut!

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