Sunday, January 07, 2007


Happy New Year!

I've been travelling all over the place. I went to Utah for a few days to see my college roommate, Mooner, get married. She finally found her cowboy, and they were married in the Manti temple. The temple was absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and Mooner and Anthony were so happy. The picture is of the gift I got for Mooner; a personalized western-style belt buckle that's huge. She loves it!

I took a red-eye flight back to Boston and was home for a few days with Scott and Bruce. I tried to stock up the house again so my boys could survive without me. Bruce and I went to Costco one day last week. We love going there and eating all the samples. Bruce got a sample cup of Chex mix and slowly chomped on it. He took so long that he had it all the way through check-out and out into the parking lot. I pushed Bruce in the shopping cart to our car, then started loading the groceries into the back. Bruce chucked his cup of Chex mix onto the ground - and immediately a huge flock of giant seagulls attacked. Bruce thought it was great; he was smiling and laughing. I felt like I got hit with a rock in the back; it was actually poop that missed my head and hit my back instead.

Scott's mom flew in town to keep my boys under control. I talked to Scott tonight, who could hardly talk because he was salivating so much over his roast beef. He was pretty excited; he hasn't had a good chunk of meat in awhile.

Meanwhile, I'm out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas for work. I am checking out all the latest and greatest cameras, and writing on my laptop for hours on end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband is at the CES show. Hope you have a good time.

1:12 PM  
Blogger ellen said...

I am looking for a small/good digital camera that I can carry in my bag every day -- any suggestions?!?

12:34 AM  

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