Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Making Money at the Mall

Scott is finally coming home tomorrow - hooray! I've been teetering on the edge of sanity, mooching off friends for babysitting while I run, and working way too much at night.

Bruce and I went to the mall to get a new cell phone the other day. I rarely go to the mall, but I had to go to a certain Cingular store to fix my bill and get a new phone (I got a fancy free phone that I'm still learning to use). Anyway, we went early on a weekday morning so it was only us and old people there. Bruce was fascinated by the escalators, so we rode up and down five times. Then I let him run around a bit, but he just gravitated to one of those gigantic gumball machines and started panting. He's never even had a gumball; how does he know he wants one? To make our trip to the mall even better, I had an old Gap gift card in my wallet. I thought it had $1.50 on it, so I went to the sale section and found a $5 pair of pants for Bruce. I went to pay and it turns out that card had a whopping $8 on it. And if a card has less than $5 on it, Gap just gives you cash back. So I made $3 by shopping.


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