Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I got creamed, but it was fun

Last weekend was exciting. Scott, Bruce, and I went to a lab party at MIT. It was at the top of a dorm by the Charles River, so we had a really nice view of Boston as the sun set. Better yet, there was a playroom next to the party room, so Bruce had just as much fun as we had.

On Saturday morning, Scott had a meeting at the church. Bruce and I tagged along and played in the nursery the whole time. Bruce loves the nursery, mainly because it has a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that plays the theme song while chugging along.

After the meeting, we headed to the BU track for the Valentine Invitational. Bruce loved being there; he watched the races so intently and would laugh every time the runners would go right by him (there he is squashed against the glass next to the track).

I was in the fast heat of the 5k along with Kim Smith, Marie Davenport, and Mary Cullen (runners recognize these names; these ladies are sponsored by Reebok). Kim, who holds the New Zealand national record in this event, won in 14:59. So my 17:02 didn't look very fast, but is my best time at that distance anyway. I ended up in fifth place behind the Reebok team and a girl from Plattsburgh State, wherever that is.


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Way to go, Emily!

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