Sunday, April 22, 2007

Colorful Barf

Bruce was not himself yesterday. He was clingy, quiet, and even avoided his trains and trucks for awhile. I took him to the park and he stared at a dog and wouldn't go down the slide. After lunch, he threw up. Not another GI virus!
He showed some signs of improvement last night and even kept down some rice and beans. So this morning when he asked for Lucky Charms I got him a small bowl of dry cereal. I thought he was over it: maybe it was food poisoning or a one-time ralph? Apparently not. Ten minutes later there was some very colorful barf on the table.
He did better the rest of the day and tomorrow morning I'll probably give him Lucky Charms again - with my fingers crossed.
Random pictures include 1) Bruce coloring. He loves to trace his hands. 2) The Boston Marathon finisher's medal. 3) Scott and Bruce napping on the couch. They're so cute, I just can't get enough. Which is good because I live with them.


Anonymous Monica C. said...

Hope Bruce is all better now!

5:27 PM  

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