Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cookies and Tantrums

Yesterday Bruce was kindof monstrous. He threw a tantrum at the library and we had to leave. He melted down at the grocery store. We didn't stay long. On days like this, we unwind by making cookies. He always enjoys dumping in the flour and eating the chocolate chips. So he never has a tantrum. And I enjoy eating cookies. So everyone is happy by the time we're done. I'm not sure about the whole throw tantrum-get cookies strategy, but I get a break. Whew. Afterwards, Bruce always helps with dishes. He rinses, I wash, he rinses again. The other picture is of Scott and Bruce this morning. I have a new camera to play with and they posed for me. They look more and more alike!


Blogger j. said...

I know you say Bruce looks more and more like Scott, and I can see it. BUT I will say that in every picture I see of Bruce, I see MARS all over it! Either way, he is such a cutie! It's hard to believe the 2 year mark is almost here!

12:00 AM  

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