Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Picking

We went apple picking today! We drove out to an orchard with some friends and picked a peck of apples. Bruce picked the apples from Scott's shoulders, then he'd take a bite or two and hand them to me to put in our bag. Now we have a bag of partially eaten apples. Time for apple crisp.

We also picked blueberries. They were out of season, but the farm gave me a pint container and told me I could take whatever I wanted. Bruce has already eaten a quarter of the pint by himself; if only I could get him to eat everything like that.

There were three old-fashioned tractors at the farm, which Bruce thoroughly enjoyed.

Scott was at a biophysics retreat for a few days this week. He listened to a few talks, showed off a poster of his research, ate yummy food, and played Sir Somebody in a drama that the department secretary had planned.

And in other news, I was totally jealous of my bro today. He ran a 2:38 in the Akron Marathon. Go David! My other brother, Dan, also finished the marathon in less than 5 hours - which is pretty incredible considering that his training consisted of a single twenty mile run!


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