Monday, March 31, 2008

A Memorable Sunday

Bruce is doing better and better at church. He is usually quiet during sacrament meeting (thanks to the magic Quiet Book) and has been diaper-free with no problems for about a month now.

Church is three hours long and begins with a 1-1/4 hour-long sacrament meeting, followed by 45 minutes of Sunday School (we're studying the Book of Mormon this year, but studied the New Testament last year) and a final hour of Relief Society (a women's organization within the church; men have their own meeting too). After sacrament meeting, I always take Bruce to the potty before he goes to the nursery. The nursery provides a quick lesson (last week's was "I am Thankful for Animals") and then all the kids play, so he loves it there.

Anyway, when I was taking Bruce potty I started chatting at the door of the bathroom with a friend and Bruce ran in ahead of me. A few seconds later, I peeked around the corner at him and saw that he had his head near the floor peeking under a stall door! I said a quick "gotta go" to my friend, ran over and grabbed Bruce, and apologized to whoever had their privacy violated. The bathroom stalls are so tiny that I can't fit in with Bruce, so I always just leave the door open. When the person left, I couldn't even look I was so embarrassed. But I'm sure they know who I am!

Bruce went to nursery and near the end of church, his teacher brought him to me. He was chanting "I need to go pee I need to go pee I need to go pee." He had already gone pee. Luckily, I'd brought an extra pair of pants and undies. But I hadn't brought extra socks and shoes (oops).

Bruce went home barefoot. And was not happy about it.


Blogger Unknown said...

Makenzie and Annie do the "peeking" thing all the time. If I'm helping Makenzie do her thing I really can't stop Annie. So is life. I've decided to just not be embarassed anymore. Fun, fun/

9:05 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

ha ha! Alli and Ruby have done that too. It's hard to understand privacy when there is an open door policy at home. As long as Bruce doesn't add commentary to the peeking...

10:25 AM  

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