Monday, January 23, 2012

Phoebe Loves

Phoebe loves:
1. Books - Henry and Mudge, Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, anything really. (in fact, she picked out a brochure about seat belts for her bedtime story)
2. Friends - Miss J, Quentin, and Asher are some of her current favs
3. Bruce - does anything he does, most recently screaming "NUTS!" at the top of her lungs and then laughing hysterically. Just. like. Bruce.
4. Food - rice and beans, yogurt (but only the expensive kind, of course), grilled cheese, black bean soup, all things chocolate
5. Clothes - sometimes partial to pink, and sometimes not. Always dresses herself now though, which means she is often half-dressed (see above photo).
6. Cooking - today she helped bake banana bread. She mashed bananas and then tasted some salt, and then some sugar, and then lots of chocolate chips.
7. Talking - after spouting more and more phrases each day, she is picking up real sentences complete with pronouns. "I do it myself" is a sentence I hear frequently.
8. Toys - play kitchen, princess castle, dolls and Lego guys are the in-toys with her right now.
9. Backpacks - she has a mild obsession with the hiking backpack and loves it when Scott carries her in it. She has a backpack for her baby dolls and takes them hiking around the house sometimes.
10. Cameras - she saw the lens and decided to smile and pose for this shot. Nice!



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