Friday, January 06, 2012

More setbacks on the family picture front

Setback No. 1: Bruce provoked Phoebe's wrath while she was sitting in a chair. She reached over and pulled his hair. He tried to run away, but her iron fist held tight - pulling her off the chair and face-down on the floor. She busted her nose and bled a lot, traumatizing the sweet teenage babysitter we'd left the kids with. This picture is three days later when the swelling had gone down a bit and the purple hues turned more greenish. Lovely.

Setback No. 2: Scott is out on the interview trail again. This time he is in sunny California, then off to snowy Utah, and then to rainy Washington. His interviews are spaced apart by a few days, but it wasn't worth traveling coast to coast several times, so this is a long trip. A few days ago, it was 11 degrees in Boston (not counting the windchill). Scott called to tell me about the beautiful 65-degree weather in San Francisco and how he was going to hike through the Redwoods. He will get his dose of the cold soon: he is off to Utah next and when he isn't trying to impress the big wigs at the hospital there, he will be skiing with Mark, hanging out with Leslie, meeting Lana's new baby girl, and pressuring Nancy into med school or some other crazy endeavor.

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Blogger Leslie Barton said...

We were just at Muir forests...kind of redwoods last week. It's beautiful. And I like phoebes nose green. It makes her look tough.

5:57 PM  

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