Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Legend of the Pirat

Bruce has been a little obsessed over money-making schemes for awhile. Ever since we opened a bank account for him and he declared to the teller that he was going to make a million dollars, he has been working hard on that goal. He sold a few Lego pieces to his friends (until I found out!), he planned on drawing caricatures in the park (until he found out that most people want themselves drawn and not random Star Wars guys), and he has been working on building a comic book store in his bedroom for months. I'm not sure when that last scheme will be unveiled because he always says he is "working on it," but I'm sure he would be happy to sell a comic under the table too.

Bruce asked me to contribute a comic book to his store, so I spent hours/days making a comic book about our adventures in getting ready for school every morning. Once I finished it and handed it to him, he said he would sell it for one dollar. So far, no takers. I guess his friends aren't interested in comics that don't have weapons in them.

Above is my first purchase, The Legend of the Pirat. When I told Bruce he spelled "pirate" wrong, he informed me that the pirate is actually a rat, so he is calling it a "pirat." Of course. The story goes something like this (in case you can't tell from his scratchy writing)...

The Pirat saw land and crashed into it, then realized it was a factory. He figured out a code, then battled an alien, then a real alien who stole his weapon. Pirat somehow defeated the alien with a key and got some treasure because that's what pirates do. The ending is the best part: "For now Pirat has to fix the moon!"

Serious adventure.

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I'll buy something. Edna Mode.

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