Friday, February 22, 2013

It's a dude!

I've been thinking this little bump was a little man for awhile, but I wasn't sure if I really felt that way or if I just wanted it to be that way. I have my reasons for wanting a boy:

1. Phoebe can be highly competitive, so having a little sister would make for a few rough years. I'm sure they would have been best friends when they hit their 30s, but growing up would be rough.
2. Bruce needs a little man to share his wisdom with. Phoebe doesn't care what gender it is; she will own this little guy no matter what.
3. Phoebe is also way more emotional than Bruce ever was. I feared having to deal with two girls in a row. I'm not sure I have the emotional capacity to deal with that, and God seems to agree.

I had my suspicions early on and they checked out in the voodoo science category and the old wives' tales category. Somehow chocolate didn't taste good for almost two months (what?! I know, weird!) and I found myself eating salty foods like tortilla chips and mixed nuts.

We confirmed today that we are having a boy! We had an ultrasound and I got some more of those eerie-looking profile pictures. The gender was not hard to detect; I am no radiologist, but it was pretty clear to me that it's a boy. The ultrasound tech printed a picture of our little guy spread-eagle in the womb, with a little computer cursor pointed at his manliness with a little label that read "BOY" just in case we didn't catch it. In case our little guy wants to go into politics, I'll hold that photo from the blog.

I'm a few days shy of 20 weeks and still feeling good. The ultrasound shows that the baby is growing on track and looking good. The only hiccup is that the placenta is growing really close to the cervix, which might dash any chance I had for a normal birth (boooooo! seriously every placenta I've ever grown is out to get me!). My doctor and I are hoping that as the uterus grows, it will pull the placenta up a bit so baby can get out when the time comes.

Not freaking out (yet). Not freaking out (yet). Not freaking out (yet).



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