Monday, May 27, 2013

Just another Sunday

I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. I waved off the usual wheelchair ride and opted to shuffle myself out the door instead. Scott and the nurse carried all the junk I'd accumulated to the car and I actually cried when she hugged me and wished me luck. 

The kids had decorated the house with a big "Welcome Home" sign. They gave me big hugs and showed me various projects they'd been working on. Bruce got a few new Lego sets for his birthday and was eager to show me his assembled creations. Phoebe showed me a few things but mostly followed me around and tried to "help" me.

I tried to be useful and put a few things away, but I got tired and laid down for what I thought would be a few minutes. Two hours later, I woke up in the middle of dinner.

I went to church on Sunday. I'm so sick of laying in bed that I just don't want to be there unless I'm actively going to sleep. It was wonderful to be a part of civilization again, not to mention give a little praise to the Man Upstairs for listening to all my prayers for Oliver. 

After church, we went to the hospital. The kids took turns holding Oliver, who is off the phototherapy lights (yea!) and wearing clothes (yea!) and even gained a little weight. He had lost a little weight at birth but is back up to 3.5 pounds. 



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