Friday, May 24, 2013

One Hour

 Oliver is under the biliruben lights for 23 hours of the day. We can reach in his isolette and rub his back or change his diaper, but he stays inside with his wires and little sunglasses. We get to hold Oliver for one hour a day.
 Tonight was the first time Scott got to hold him. We hold him skin-to-skin to keep him warm and keep him happy; perhaps it feels like being in the womb again being curled up and listening to a heartbeat.
 He was wide-eyed staring at his daddy for about 20 minutes, then closed his eyes for a peaceful nap.
 This fat frown just makes me laugh. It's a face Bruce made as a preemie too.
After Scott got a nice long turn, I grabbed a few minutes of Oliver Time. Scott says I transformed overnight from a grouchy depressed pregnant woman to a beaming happy lovesick momma. Maybe it's the hormones? This kid has that effect on me.



Blogger Chandra said...

I'm so happy he made it safe and sound. No oxygen tubes! Yay!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooooo adorable!!! His eyes are so big <3

11:14 AM  

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