Monday, May 13, 2013

And just to keep things interesting...

...I developed a rash from head to toe on Saturday. The doctors asked me all those great questions about laundry soaps and lotions and whatnot, trying to figure out what changed and why my skin is freaking out. But I had this same rash when I was about 32 weeks along with Phoebe. Maybe this is my body's two-week notice?

My mom flies back to Ohio tomorrow. In preparation for her departure, she baked banana bread for Bruce's birthday snack at school, cleaned the house, did mountains of laundry, and even got a bed ready for Scott's mom, who flies in an hour after my mom leaves. Mom is amazing; thank you!

Bruce and Phoebe are doing well on the outside - they aren't misbehaving or acting out. But they keep asking when I'm going to come home and when the baby is going to come out. I wish I knew.

They are surprising me too. Phoebe has been napping for Grandma. And the other day, Bruce opted to spend six hours at the hospital with me rather than go to the Children's Museum with Aunt Nancy. I thought for sure by the end he would regret his decision to stay with me, but he didn't. Despite all the fun they've had with Grandma, I think the kids miss me a little bit.



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