Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Shower - blast from the past

 I had a baby shower! It was left undocumented for a bit because it happened the day before my water broke - seriously just in time. There was plenty of amazing brunch food, cute nursery-rhyme-themed decor, and a crowd of my favorite people.
 My friend, Aimee, led everyone in a little nursery rhyme game. She is English and somehow knows all these obscure nursery rhymes, so she was the ringleader along with another friend, Kristen.
 We got lots of baby clothes, a car seat (as it turns out, the one I used with Bruce and Phoebe expired!), diapers, and lots of thoughtful cards. It was wonderful to feel the support of my friends and, looking back, almost feels like a farewell party since I went to the hospital about 18 hours later.

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